This month, I’ve decided to start working on Rosevibe again. I’ve been stuck for a while because I haven’t nailed it with my website and branding, so it’s been on hold. I’ve gotten questions about the future of this site, and if you’d like to know if I’ll keep updating, the answer is 100x yes! I’m super pumped about it.

2016 wasn’t a great year for me, but I’ve taken every challenge and tried my best to overcome my struggles and keep pushing. This is why my online biz, and specifically Rosevibe, has been on hold for so long.

I’ve been coming out of my shell slowly and making plans to grow, both in terms of my business and on a personal level. I’m still learning about myself on this adventure and doing my best to align my work with my identity.

The main thing I’m doing currently to get Rosevibe going? I’ve decided to just go for it instead of waiting for things to be perfect. Instead of figuring out my visual branding, I’ve been uploading pins, new and old, in different styles. I don’t even have a set logo at the moment, but I won’t let that stop me. I’m going to grow this site as it is and figure everything out along the way.

For one, I’m tweaking the theme a little bit, without the intention of making the site flawless. Here’s what the updated front page will most likely look like:

I might tone down the ridiculous vibrancy, or not. I don’t want to worry about the details anymore. I just want to get shit done!

Everything will fall into place with time, as long as I keep going.

June Income Breakdown

I’m not monetizing Rosevibe right now, so 0$ of this income is coming from Rosevibe. It mostly comes from my main blog. I also have a second, smaller blog that’s generating some income.

The Past Month In A Nutshell

Thinking about:


Listening to:

Riot grrrl while working on Rosevibe! I grew up listening to Bikini Kill and similar bands, and I’ve been on a nostalgia kick lately. I love Kathleen Hanna!


Wanting to get back into Philsophy, I’ve read The Essential Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, Vatican Sayings, and Fragments. I also started Adorno’s Minima Moralia, which has been on my reading list for YEARS.

I also started The 4-Hour Work Week as I’ve been getting into Tim Ferris lately, but my business reading is on hold right now.

What’s Working Right Now

My current priorities and strategies that are working for my blog and business.

Growing my main blog’s Instagram account.

I haven’t focused on Instagram for the longest time because I didn’t have enough original photography. Excuses, excuses! I decided to take a different approach since I hired an assistant. We’re now sharing relevant content from other accounts (always with credits) while maintaining a consistent visual theme.

The strategy is to post 3 times a week while trying to get a maximum of engagement, but experimenting with daily posting sounds like a good plan.

As of several months ago, Instagram has moved from a linear feed to using an algorithm to determine which posts get exposure. This algorithm favors posts which receive the most engagement, be it in the form of likes or comments. My goal on Instagram is not only to post quality content that receives engagement, but also to build a community on that platform.

Our follower count just started climbing considerably, which of course is great, but what I’m looking for the most is keeping this audience engaged and making sure they find value in the blog and our content. Here’s what the numbers look like:

Before May, I practically wasn’t using my Instagram account at all. I reached about 4,000 followers as I was gaining a few followers every month at a snail’s pace, most of them finding the account through the blog. Since May, my assistant has been posting 3x a week consistently, and we’ve gained 1,650 followers these past 30 days.

I’m optimistic about this Instagram account, but I’m hoping the engagement grows and there’s going to be more of a community feel and more of a direct relation between the Instagram account and the blog.

Saying YES to a sticky ad!

If you’ve read any of my previous income reports, you’ve probably witnessed me rant about ads. So when AdThrive pushed sticky ads on me, I hesitated at first. I decided to give the sticky footer ad a try and see if it’s worth it, and lo and behold, the ad isn’t very intrusive, and my ad income went up by about $2,000 this month.

(A sticky footer ad is a fixed ad at the bottom of the page, where the reader can easily “x” out.)

Ad networks are always looking to increase their earnings (and by extension the publishers’ earnings) before entering a slow period, but if you’re a blogger you don’t have to wait for the network to reach out to you! You can always ask them to implement new ads or optimize your current setup.

Here’s a graph of my RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews) for the last few months:

You can see that my RPM has been higher than ever since implementing the sticky footer ad, and this is considering that June is one of the slowest months for ad revenue. This is great news!

The bad news is that AdThrive doesn’t make it easy to track your statistics for every single ad on your site. In the dashboard, you only see your overall earnings, so it’s hard to make decisions and ask for your ads to be tweaked. Oh well.

Goals For Next Month

I’m already writing this near the end of the month, so these goals won’t exactly be reaching for the stars!

Finish the new theme and go live!

The new theme for Rosevibe won’t be a huge change, as I’m mostly just tweaking the old one. Nevertheless it’s been a time-consuming process, and although I don’t want the site to be *perfect*, I’m trying to go for the less-glitchy feel for once.

This also means I want more freedom from my rigid branding and aesthetic. I’m going to focus on building that as I go without worrying too much about sticking to a single idea.

Set up an autoresponder for my main blog.

This is one thing I’ve been putting off for too long. I’m going to revamp the initial email everyone is getting as well as set up a series of emails each subscriber will receive afterwards.

Go to Berlin!

No matter how afraid I am! I’m going to get on a plane and head to Berlin at the end of July. I’m excited but also nervous! It’s been so long since I’ve been to Europe and I can’t wait to go back to the place that’s closest to what I call “home”.

Thank you for reading!!