November was crazy good! I pushed myself hard to finish my new and improved theme, and it was up and running less than 2 weeks in. I haven’t been this excited about Cruelty-Free Kitty in a while! I’m in love with the new design, which is the first theme I created from scratch. My bounce rate also dropped as a result of this change, so I’m very positive about my blog and I have big, bright plans ahead!

I reached another milestone this month by jumping over the $2,000 mark, which was also exciting! Only 4 months ago, I reached the $1,000 mark.

Monthly Income Recap

I bought my domain and started blogging in July 2014, so for a little over a year now. Here’s my progress for 2015:

  • January 2015: $185.16
  • February 2015: $203.96
  • March 2015: $515.48
  • April 2015: $786.03
  • May 2015: $757.29
  • June 2015: $957.47
  • July 2015: $1,487.82
  • August 2015: $1,735.64
  • September 2015: $1,521.11
  • October 2015: $1,784.43
  • November 2015: $2,391.96

November Income Breakdown



I see some growth from last month! Pageviews increased by 45,000 in November.

The reason for this? Search engine traffic. Here’s what happened:


This graph represents the number of clicks to my site from Google in blue, as well as the total impressions in red. You can see how it boomed in November, shown in yellow.

My New Theme’s Impact

Here’s what my site used to look like:


Here’s my new design’s front page and after scrolling:



1. Bounce Rate + Conversion

My new theme definitely had an impact on my metrics. Let’s take a look at the evolution of my bounce rate (in red).


My bounce rate dropped quite a few percentages, which was one of the main things I wanted to accomplish with this redesign. For desktop users, my bounce rate is as low as 62% these days.

Now if you take a look at the blue in the graph above, that’s conversions. With Piwik, you can set any conversion goals. For me, because I make the bulk of my revenue with affiliate earnings, this line shows how many people clicked an affiliate link on my site. It definitely went up as well.

2. Searches

A big change I made in the new theme is moving the searchbar to the top of the page. Before, it used to be somewhere in the sidebar. Look at the difference in searches!


My readers went from barely any searches to at least 70 a day! Searches are super useful. There’s no easier way to find out exactly what your readers want. The more people search your site, the more accurately you can identify what’s missing on your site, or what you should write about more.

That’s it for November!