blogger income report

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my progress! I’ve had my blog for exactly 1 year this month. It’s been an awesome ride, and I’m happy to report that I’ve earned 4 figures for the first time. For the last few months, I’ve been making slow progress yet staying just under the $1,000 mark. I made a few changes last month as an attempt to break this barrier, and a few things finally did pay off!

If you’re wondering, this income report is for my blog Cruelty-Free Kitty, which is a beauty blog.

Here’s the breakdown:



The spike at the end of the month happened after I posted my list of Companies That Test On Animals on Facebook. The post got shared a gazillion times, which brought me close to 20,000 pageviews in just one day.

My traffic in July grew by 49% compared to June. The spike above definitely played a role in this!

Ad Revenue

This month, I only displayed ads from The Blogger Network. The CPM dropped quite a bit in July: 0.49 on average this month compared to 0.72 last month. I’ve been told this is what happens at the beginning of Q3. Surprisingly even though my CPM took a plunge, my ad revenue went up because of my increase in traffic.

I’m still thinking of switching to different ad revenue strategies. I feel like I’m not maximizing my earings given the number of impressions. This is also considering that some ads on my site are flash ads and start playing sound out of the blue, which drives me nuts.

Next month, I’ll be looking into private ads as well as mobile ads.

Affiliate Revenue

One thing that took off this month is my post on How To Start a Beauty Blog, which was written back in March. The post shows you how to start your own blog using BlueHost.

I’ve also been lucky enough this month to have bigger companies such as Sephora (!) notice me. I was pretty damn excited to collaborate with Sephora for the launch of their brush collection with Hakuhodo.

Out of my Amazon Affiliates earnings, $207.42  came from a separate blog I’m working on. The rest comes from my beauty blog.

Nothing else to report for this month!