It’s been a mild winter here, and it feels like Spring is just around the corner. We got a new Airbnb for March and it has a better workspace arrangement, which should help get my mind on track.

I need to focus extra hard on work to get over the hump. I’ve been stagnating and hovering at $13,000 for the last few months, and this income will only go down due to Amazon’s commission changes. Starting March 1st, Amazon will cut commissions fairly drastically across all categories.

February Income Breakdown

February Expenses

  • NET EARNINGS: $13,549.74

Why are my expenses so low? Mainly because I do most things myself and have a DIY approach when it comes to everything from design to SEO. Right now, I’m also my own assistant and haven’t hired any help (yet). Since I focus on passive income, I have the time to do everything myself. Of course, this is all going to change as my business grows.

What’s Up In February

In February, I haven’t worked as much as I should have. This is because I haven’t been planning and organizing, which is crucial if I want to keep on track. However, I managed to post on my main blog twice a week, which was my goal.

The holiday season is officially over, but my earnings have remained pretty high. This is in part due to my increase in traffic. Unfortunately, I’m prepared for my earnings to go down starting next month, because of Amazon’s commission decrease (more on this later).

Amazon Earnings:

Ad Earnings:

February Traffic

My traffic had a slight increase again in February, especially considering February only had 28 days. Here’s what the comparaison looks like:

Takebacks From This Month

Here’s what happened in February.

1. Amazon is lowering our commissions.

Huge news this month if you’re an Amazon affiliate.

February is the last month in which Amazon will offer its affiliates volume-based commissions. Up until now, the more products you sold, the higher your commission. I was at the 8.25% bracket, while the highest bracket was 8.5%.

Starting in March, there will be a fixed commission for each category.

This is what the old structure looked like:

And this is the new, fixed commission structure:

I’ve always made an effort to diversify my blog earnings, and I’m glad I had this approach. Amazon being such a huge online retailer, it’s easy to solely focus on them as an affiliate.

Because of this change, I can expect my earnings to go down by at least one or two thousand every month starting in March. This is the risk we take by partnering up with any affiliate. In the grand scheme of things, as an affiliate, we don’t have any real control over our earnings, and our income can potentially drop to zero at any time.

I’ve always been interested in selling my own products, but this change makes me consider it even more seriously. Ultimately, I want a business I have control over and a brand that’s mine.

2. Bye bye Disqus.

I was never crazy about the Disqus commenting system, but it worked. Disqus filters spam for me so I don’t have to look at every spammy comment and delete it manually.

Recently, however, Disqus started monetizing through ads. We used to be able to opt out of these ads, but it’s no longer possible. Disqus didn’t show just any ads. They’re those awful clickbait ads that are sometimes gross, sometimes trashy, and always just plain bad.

To stick with Disqus, we had two options: switch to the paid version to get rid of the ads, or keep the ads and use it for free. Since Disqus isn’t the greatest commenting system out there, I decided to drop it altogether.

I’m now using a free plugin that works in combination with the WordPress commenting system. It might not look as good as Disqus, but I love it so far because 1) I’m able to moderate comments in WordPress and don’t need an external platform, and 2) More people will be able to comment since you no longer need a Disqus account (or any account).


This week, I’m working on polishing up my beauty blog. I want to finally finish the theme (especially for mobile) and work on my social media strategy. I’m also going over dead links and revamping older posts. I’ll keep posting twice a week.

Once the week is over, I’ll focus on my main blog one day a week. This will leave me time to work on other blogs, especially Rosevibe. My email list on Rosevibe is very close to 1,000, and I didn’t expect that to happen so quickly.