This was my first December as a blogger! I mean, a real blogger. Last year in December, I was barely starting to monetize my blog and I made $128. How crazy is it that?! I never expected my blog to grow that quickly in 12 months.

Now before I get into the income report, I want to say a few words about how grateful I feel. The year 2015 has had extreme highs and extreme lows, but the highs were amazing. I’ve reached the point where I can do exactly what I love, and consider it my job. I’m still growing my blogs little by little, and I have big plans ahead for 2016 and beyond.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself. I’ve always had an interest in web design, photography, and everything artistic, and I’ve always dreamed of doing something creative every day of my life.

I never thought I could accomplish any of it, so the fact that I am accomplishing exactly that right now is freaking insane. I’m extremely thankful for having so many wonderful readers that encourage me and support my blog. Reading the kind comments and e-mails I get makes me happy beyond words. My cruelty-free beauty blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the thousands of kind, compassionate people out there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Monthly Income Recap

I bought my domain and started blogging in July 2014, so for a little over a year now. Here’s my progress for 2015:

  • January 2015: $185.16
  • February 2015: $203.96
  • March 2015: $515.48
  • April 2015: $786.03
  • May 2015: $757.29
  • June 2015: $957.47
  • July 2015: $1,487.82
  • August 2015: $1,735.64
  • September 2015: $1,521.11
  • October 2015: $1,784.43
  • November 2015: $2,391.96
  • December 2015: $3,069.71

December Income Breakdown

Since my numbers went up this month, you might assume that I’ve worked my ass off. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’ve only worked on my blog maybe once a week. Honestly, passive income is great, but this isn’t a habit I want to get into.



My pageviews went from 249,000 in November to 320,000 this month. Truthfully, I stopped monitoring my traffic and statistics so closely. My traffic has grown steadily for the past year, and I’m happy with the current pace.

Advertising in December

Like I said, this was my first December really monetizing my site, so I’ve learned a little bit about the craziness that is the holiday season in the advertising industry. For obvious reasons, advertisers really go nuts in December. They spend the last of their advertising budget at the end of the quarter and push for holiday sales. This means that my ad revenue went up this month. But it also means that it will drop considerably next month!

That’s it!