I’m finally writing this income report from New Brunswick while on a roadtrip! I’m heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia tomorrow, and so far we’ve visited Quebec City, Edmundston, and Fredericton.

A few years back, when I started my blog, I was having dreams of being a digital nomad and traveling while working. I’m glad I finally get to experience a taste of that lifestyle!

Blog earnings went down compared to last month, but last month was an exceptionally good one.

April Income Breakdown

April Traffic

Last month was a crazy month in terms of traffic, but it went down in April.

What’s Up In April

A big change took place in April! I actually hired outside help for the first time. After months and months of doing everything myself, I finally took the plunge.

The main reason why I didn’t want an assistant is because it’s hard for me to delegate tasks to others and trust them to do the best possible job. I’m one of those people who love to DIY every aspect of their business and learn to do everything themselves.

If you’re in the beginning stages, that approach might be beneficial, but it’s more of a hinderance in the long run. I wasn’t growing because I had to handle daily tasks like emails and social media. More than that, my blog was suffering because I wasn’t consistent enough in my blog and social media posts.

I ended up receiving over 350 resumes and applications, which is why this process took most of my time in April. I looked through every resume and cover letter and selected the best candidates, which only narrowed it down to about 50 applications. In the end, I chose who I believed to be the best fit for the job, which is part-time.

I’ve been reading the book Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker throughout this process and it’s been an eye-opener as well as a great help. If you’re at the point where you should be hiring outside help for your business, it’s a must-read.

Takebacks From This Month

Since April was all about finding an assistant, that’s the main thing that’s been running through my mind blog-wise. Nevertheless, here are two things I realized.

1. I can’t do everything myself.

It’s better to realize this later than never, amiright? 🙂

If I want my online business to grow and become worthy of being called a business, I need to treat it as such. If you choose to do everything yourself in your business, you’ll reach a point where you can no longer grow. Not only that, but you’ll get stuck on daily tasks like customer service or social media (depending on what your business is) which will take up hours of your time. It becomes all about maintenance and there’s no growth.

No real business consists of 1 person only, at least not in the long run. As businesses grow, they require more people to run, which in turn allows them to expand even more. Even if my business is a relatively small blog, there’s a TON of tasks I have to accomplish to keep it afloat, and they’re becoming too much for one person. Treating it like a business is the smart thing to do.

2. FYI, I did not give up on Rosevibe!

I just have so many things on my plate right now.

I still haven’t officially launched this site. The only traffic I’m getting is mainly for my post on affiliate links, as well as some traffic from people who have found me through my main blog.

I do want to officially launch this blog and grow it, but the timing hasn’t been right. I’ve been focusing on my main blog again, and it seems like I’m always trying to perfect something before I can put it out there. Back when I created my free course on how to start a blog, I was so inspired and motivated to grow Rosevibe and help others grow their own blogs.

I have a few ideas for the near future, but they’re still brewing. The bottom line is that I’m very eager to start working on Rosevibe again.