Are you considering starting a blog? Do you already have a blogspot, or any other free blog? This post is for you.

The two main blogging platforms out there are Blogger (or blogspot) and WordPress. Most full-time bloggers use and love WordPress, but unlike Blogger, it’s not free.

Which one should YOU choose?

And is it really necessary to have a paid blog?

In this post, I’m going to explain the difference between the Blogger and Self-Hosted WordPress. I’ll also give you a quick step-by-step in case you decide to move to WordPress from Blogger.

How Both Platforms Work

Blogger Basics

With Blogger, all you have to do is register your blog. It’s free, and since Blogger is owned by Google, your blog will be hosted by them.

Even though your hosting will be free, there’s a big downside: Google controls your blog. They can shut it down at any point, sometimes permanently. If you don’t know how to set up backups, you could lose all your content.

That’s one of the main reasons why pro bloggers avoid Blogger. If you’re making money with your blog, your income could drop to 0 overnight if Google decides to shut down your blog. Can’t risk that!

WordPress Basics


When it comes to self-hosted WordPress, you have to find your own host and pay them to get your blog online. I recommend Bluehost for beginners because it’s simple and affordable.

Even though this is a paid service, the upside is that you own all your content and have control over your blog. You’re not building your house on someone else’s properly, so to speak. That’s what you’re doing if you use Blogger.

NOTE: and Self-Hosted WordPress ( are two different things. is free and similar to Blogger.

Freedom: Why I Love Self-Hosted WordPress

Have you ever noticed how all blogspot blogs look the same?

I’m not throwing shade, because they do look cute. But Blogger is limited, and most blogspots don’t look like professional blogs.

They also don’t perform like bigger blogs, because you can’t do as much with your blog.

If you want customization and full freedom over your blog, self-hosted WordPress is where it’s at.

You can choose from thousands of plugins and themes to add interesting elements to your blog. You can also create your own or customize existing ones.

Some plugins will help you increase traffic and make more money (for example SEO plugins, social sharing plugins, cache plugins to optimize loading time, and so on).

This is why you should seriously consider self-hosted WordPress if you want to blog for income.

So, Should You Switch?

Self-hosted WordPress isn’t for everyone.

If your goal is to make money with your blog, then WordPress all the way.

But if you’re blogging as a hobby and don’t expect to make a single cent back, then there’s no need to upgrade.

How To Move From Blogger To Self-Hosted WordPress: 3 Easy Steps

When you’re ready to move to WordPress, follow this simple process. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Step 1

Set up your new hosting and domain, and install WordPress. I posted a simple step-by-step tutorial here (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Export your blog from Blogger.

  1. In Blogger, go to “Settings” > “Other”.
  2. Under “Blog Tools”, click “Export Blog”.
  3. Click “Download Blog” to download the content to your computer.

Step 3

Import your blog to WordPress.

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Tools” > “Import”.
  2. Select “Blogger”.
  3. Click “Install Now” to install the plugin, then click “Active Plugin & Run Importer”.
  4. Click “Choose File” and select the file you just downloaded from Blogger.
  5. Click “Submit” and you’re done.

Have more questions?

Leave them in the comments below!

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