August was a hard month on a personal level, but it’s also been my best month yet income-wise. After 2 years and 1 month of blogging, I reached the 10k a month milestone. I’m doing my best to keep positive, but my anxiety came back full-speed and forced me to cancel some major plans.

I decided that making the most out of the current situation is best. I’m taking it chill right now and doing whatever I can, one day at a time. I’m determined to get back to work and I’ll be doing a little bit every single day.

As always, here’s my progress for the past year:

  • July 2015: $1,487.82
  • August 2015: $1,735.64
  • September 2015: $1,521.11
  • October 2015: $1,784.43
  • November 2015: $2,391.96
  • December 2015: $3,069.71
  • January 2016: $3,461.03
  • February 2016: $3,985.58
  • March 2016: $6,696.22
  • April 2016: $6,301.01
  • May 2016: $7,806.68
  • June 2016: $7,897.69
  • July 2016: $8,586.24

P.S. My income reports are not based on Rosevibe!

August Income Breakdown

What’s Up In August

August has been extremely stressful and very little time has been spent blogging. The month started with good intentions. I wanted to start dedicating more time to Rosevibe and keep up with my other blogs, but very little work happened this month.

Onto the good news though: there was a considerable spike in my income this month, compared to the jump in previous months. I went from roughly $8,600 last month to $10,689.15 in August.

One of the big reasons for this spike is my Amazon affiliate income, which went up by over $1,000. Monetizing with Amazon is one of the easiest ways to make extra money from your blog. I wrote a guide to affiliate links (which includes Amazon) recently, and I recommend you check it out.

There was also a small spike in my ad earnings in August, and this is because of the recent changes I had done. I’m currently displaying in-content ads (which I’ve been staying away from in the past). I also now have a banner ad in the header, which is a good location for higher CPMs. The last change was adding a sticky ad on mobile. All these changes amounted to an extra $600 this month. I made all these changes to try to counter the slow summer months, and I might keep most of them. I still want to find an ad setup that works best.



My traffic for my main blog has been sitting between 550,000 and 600,000 for a few months now. I also want to mention that my second site reached 40,000 pageviews in August and things have been looking up!



Since I haven’t been pinning, you can notice a drop in my new follower rate. I found that there isn’t THAT huge of a difference between pinning and not pinning, but it’s still there. I will get back to pinning more in September and keep my account active and healthy. I’ll also try pinning more of my own content, which is something I haven’t been doing for a couple of reasons.

I have to say that I’m disappointed with Pinterest’s redesign. The huge text in the profiles throws me off, and the layout of the pins adds confusion. Pinterest seems to be in the middle of big changes right now, and most are positive.

Tailwind is a must-have.



I took a little break from Facebook as well, but I’ll be posting throughout September. The likes reached 10,545 as of right now, which means they’ve been growing just as steadily as when I do post.

Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants

If one thing’s getting more and more obvious, it’s that I have to hire a virtual assistant, or at least some outside help. I’ve hired writers for an upcoming site I’m working on, but I’ve been disappointed by the result. Finding the right people doesn’t seem to be easy, but I think it’s time I take this big step.

Maybe not in September, but probably the month after, I’ll be looking into outsourcing a few things.

That’s it for this month, and no #goalz! Taking it a day at a time.