I was so excited when I bought my first domain and started blogging. My first month, I made 73 cents in affiliate commission. Woo! :) My second month, I made just over $10 which covered the hosting fees. I was pumped, because this proved me that my blog can be viable.

I wanted to be all in. I wanted to work on something that makes me happy, and I wanted the freedom that comes with passive income. I started keeping track on my income with the goal of turning my blog into a business.

After a year, I hit 4-figures a month in revenue and my blog was receiving over 200,000 monthly pageviews. Soon after, not only did my income start to blow up, but I was enjoying my work and my life so much more!

Today, most of my blog revenue consists of passive income from 2 blogs (not Rosevibe!). You can see my latest income reports below.