Most people don’t wanna waste their time, right?

If they end up on a site that annoys them in any way, they’re going to bounce. Here are the most common ways of driving a new visitor off your site.

1. Slow Loading Time

If your site takes too long to load, it doesn’t send a very welcoming message to new visitors.

Waiting for a site to load is frustrating and makes most people hit “back” faster than the page has finished loading.

What sucks is that you don’t know how slowly your website loads if you’re viewing it in a familiar browser. To accurately gage the loading speed, head over to Pingdom to use their tool.

Some important fixes to make your website load faster:

  • Keep image file sizes as small as possible by saving them for web or compressing them.
  • Crop your posts. Don’t leave full posts on the front page.
  • Avoid using too many add-ons and widgets.

2. A Theme That Isn’t Responsive

It’s not 1998 anymore. Over half of my traffic views my site on a mobile device, and it’s probably the case for you too.

You need to make special adjustments in your theme in order to make it friendly for phones and tablets. If you’re using an older theme and you don’t know how to upgrade it, it might be time change themes.

3. Bad Font Choices

If your font is:

  • Weird, overly fancy, or dated (think Comic Sans)
  • Too small (I love the look of small fonts too, but it’s just not user-friendly)
  • Too pale

…rethink your choice.

If the text is hard to read, no one’s going to put in the effort to read what you have to say.

4. Nothing To Do

You want to guide your reader from the moment they enter your site. You want them to have interesting options to click on.

  • Are your popular posts readily displayed?
  • Do you show related posts?
  • Do you have a “start here” page to catch a new reader’s eye?
  • Do you have calls to action?

5. Confusing or Boring Navigation

If you menu’s hard to find or figure out, it’s too much effort for a new reader. Make sure to keep your navigation in an obvious, intuitive spot.

Many bloggers have boring, dry menus.

Spice it up by including resources, your best posts, or whatever’s going to spark your reader’s interest and be helpful to them — without overstuffing it.

Were you making any of these mistakes? I hope my tips have been helpful! Next up, I suggest you learn more about your bounce rate and how to keep it low by clicking here.